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Click to listen! We know that English can be a challenging second language to learn. Often, people learn the language from others for whom English is also a second language.  As a result, it is very common to hear English spoken with distinct errors that have crept into the language-learning process.

sex dating apps test Thankfully, these errors tend to be a common occurrence and they are not difficult to correct. Our goal is to help people to identify and correct such errors, to improve their language skills and help them fit in as fluent Canadian English-speakers.


Our Story

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From working with refugees from Eastern Europe in his student days, to helping kids learn the basics of Canadian English, Nestor has enjoyed at least three decades of interaction with people who have experienced the challenge of learning English as a second language. Given the practical challenges faced by such people, a recurring issue has been gaining a degree of comfort with the finer points of the English language as spoken by Canadians. Trading CFDs and/or see involves significant risk of capital loss. Common and recurring errors can cast an unwelcome spotlight on a new speaker.  Mistakes can easily become a source of embarrassment and serve as a disincentive to use newly-acquired language skills.

As the son of a European refugee (Nestor’s father came to Canada in the late 1940’s) Nestor grew up in a family where the nuances of language became the subject of daily life. His dad learned English (with a British accent) in Europe, and had to become fluent in Canadian English in order to “fit in” in his adopted home, Alberta. As a European, however, he also was fluent in German, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and Slovak. As a result, discussions in the Petriw household often revolved around languages, language learning and mastering the nuances that mark an accomplished native speaker.

Meet the Team! Here are our members!

Nestor Petriw Founder & CEO

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Nestor was born in Canada to parents with deep Ukrainian roots. Nestor’s dad is from the village of Koropets, in Halychyna. His mother and maternal grandmother were both born in Canada to Ukrainian immigrants from Western Ukraine (then part of the Austro-Hungarian empire). Nestor’s maternal grandfather came to Canada in 1900 at the ripe old age of 6 months! (Dido’s cradle is on display at the Ukrainian ethnographic museum at St. John’s Cathedral in Edmonton).

Growing up, everyone in the Petriw household spoke Ukrainian at home and English with non-Ukrainian-speaking friends and colleagues at school or at work. As a result, the kids not only became fluent in conversational Ukrainian, but mastered English as native speakers.

Nestor’s early years were spent in the legal profession where his passion for precise and effective language skills found a natural home. He was the founder and CEO of a specialty pet food company from the mid-80’s through 2014 and gained management and business skills which he likes to apply to language-teaching.

Oleksa Petriw

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Oleksa was also born in Canada and is experienced communicating with friends and colleagues who learned English as a second language. Oleksa is an accomplished dancer, and has been a member of the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers for over eight years. He completed a Bachelor of Sciences degree (in Evolutionary Biology) at the University of Alberta and is passionate about helping people.

Max Graefe VP

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A specialist in public relations and communications and a lover of nature, Max was also born in Canada to parents with Swedish and Finnish roots. His passions include working with kids and duties as a Safety Officer in Alberta industry. Max visited Ukraine for the first time in June, 2016, as a volunteer with GoCamps, helping children in Yaremche, Ukraine, learn English as spoken by a native-born Canadian.

Max with Ukrainian English-language learners in Yaremche, Ukraine
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